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The notes of a collector

“A traveller's journal” takes you on an exploration around the world. Various cultures meet, clash and make love to each other. We follow a woman who lives by her own rules, a modern-day gypsy. Her style/wardrobe is an accumulation of treasures she collected over the years, from all over the world. The colour inspiration was drawn from Matisse and the various women he used in his paintings.



Statement black and white

The collection has many detailed blouses spiced up with lace and small embroideries. For a bohemian style effortlessly combined with long light skirts, heart prints and statement cowboy boots.



Green goodies

Add some fun with the Pink Pepper print on a bright green base, super sophisticated in combination with this chique matching dream suit.



Flower Fest

This sophisticated micro flower print propels you effortlessly forward to fresh spring days. Extra layers can be added with summer knits with fine embroidery for breezy summer days.